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Our Mission

Redford Charitable Foundation was established in early 2008 and became an approved charitable organization in May of the same year. We are one of the few "ZERO" administration fee charitable organizations in Hong Kong. Our motto is ‘Grow from Society, Give to Society’.

Redford Charitable Foundation aims to proactively aid needy people especially targeting the elderly and children. In the early years, we helped to rebuild 6 primary schools in Mainland China provinces - Guangxi, Xinjiang, Jiangxi, Guizhou, and Yunnan, etc. In recent years, we focus on organizing various charity events in Hong Kong, supporting the elderly and less fortunate people by paying them regular visits, giving them rice packs, winter clothes, daily necessities, and presents. In addition, Redford Charitable Foundation has always donate towards earthquake relief as well as funding various charitable organizations, such as Children’s Cancer Foundation, Hong Kong PHAB Association, Heep Hong Society, Playright Children’s Play Association, Lions Kidney Educational Centre, Music Children Foundation, Lok Sin Tong, Food Angel and Research Foundation etc.

June 2006                     First Redford Charity School opened in Guangxi, China.
March 2008   Hosted fundraising ball, raising a total of HKD$360,000. The funds were given to World Vision to establish the second ‘Redford Charity School’ in Xinjiang, China.
March 2009   Organized the ‘Take a Step for Children Charity Walk together with the Wai Yin Association. All funds were given to various organizations dedicated to child welfare, such as UNICEF and The Pathways Foundation Limited.
May 2010   Hosted second charity fundraising dinner and gave the raised funds to Hong Kong Care Action to establish a third ‘Redford Charity School’ in Jiangxi, China.
December 2012   Held a ‘Christmas Music and Care’ charity dinner, raising a grand total of HKD$680,000 for Children’s Cancer Foundation.
October 2011  

Organized a second ‘Take a Step for Children’ charity walk with Andy Hui Global Foundation Ltd. The raised funds were used by Hong Kong Care Action to renovate an old school building into a ‘Redford Charity School’ as well as support Heep Hong Society’s project in helping children with special needs in Hong Kong. Surplus funds were donated to Hong Kong’s local charities.

June 2012   Hosted a charity fundraising dinner, this time raising a total of HKD$620,000 Hong Kong dollars for Hong Kong Care Action. The funds were used to renovate the ‘Suo Mei Zao Primary School’ located in Huanning County, Yunnan, China.
June 2015   Renovated ‘Suo Mei Zao Primary School’ in Kunming, China.
March 2016   The Third ‘Take a Step for Children’ charity walk with Fly High Foundation and Eternity Love Foundation and distributed the raised funds between two local Hong Kong charities and World Vision.
February 2017   Charity Night Premiere “Cook Up A Storm”, raising a grand total of HKD$279,000 for Food Angel and 北河同行
November 2017   The Forth ‘Take a Step for Children’ charity walk with co-organizer ABC Education Foundation for Food Angel and 泓學遵訓義導計劃