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Redford Charitable Foundation was established in 2006 and became an approved charitable organisation in May 2008 of the same year. We are one of the few charitable organisations in Hong Kong with a "ZERO" administration fee. Our motto is ‘Taken from the Society, Give back to the Society’. The Redford Charitable Foundation aims to proactively aid needy people, targeting the elderly and children in particular.

In the early years, we helped to rebuild 6 primary schools in many provinces in Mainland China including Guangxi, Xinjiang, Jiangxi, Guizhou, and Yunnan. In recent years, we have focused on organizing various charity events in Hong Kong, and supporting the elderly and less fortunate by paying them regular visits, giving them rice packs, winter clothes, daily necessities, and presents.

In addition, the Redford Charitable Foundation has always contributed to earthquake relief as well as funding various charitable organisations, such as the Children’s Cancer Foundation, the Hong Kong PHAB Association, the Heep Hong Society, the Playright Children’s Play Association, the Lions Kidney Educational Centre, the Eternity Love Foundation, the Music Children Foundation, Lok Sin Tong and Food Angel etc.